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Gus Zaharakis

October Sky

By: Gus Zaharakis
College Now Course - SCI 1

The film, October Sky, dealt with many different issues stemming from various personal and social topics. The issues that were stressed the most were personal issues such as the importance of developing a close relationship with family, the need for friends, and the importance of believing in yourself. The other issues that were stressed were social issues that involved the importance of science in our lives, the positive impact of teachers, and the ability to overcome educational and economic obstacles.

Some of the personal issues raised in the film that I found to be of personal interest were the importance of believing in yourself, and the importance of support from friends. The main character of the film, Homer, dreamed of creating his own rocket, which was a tremendous goal to achieve at the time when the movie took place. Homer could not have achieved this goal if he hadn't had such strong belief in himself and if he hadn't had support from friends. All throughout my life, I have been in situations that I couldn't have gotten through if I had not believed in myself just as Homer did. Having self confidence gives you the power you need to reach every goal and dream. Having support from friends and family gives you the determination and motivation that is needed.

The social issue raised by October Sky that I found interesting were the positive impact of teachers and the overcoming of educational and economic obstacles. I found these issues especially interesting because I can relate to them. Homer's science teacher definitely influenced him and she helped him to achieve his goal through her constant support and guidance. All throughout my childhood, I have had to overcome many educational hardships, and I feel that teachers have played a key role in helping me overcome these problems. If I have ever had any doubt, there has always been a teacher that was there to support me and give me the guidance that I needed.

The film October Sky raised various issues that were not only significant in the film itself, but also significant on an individual level. I found many of the issues to be interesting since I could relate them to my own life.