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Viktoriya Monosova

My Hero: A Story of Dedication and Success and Inspiration
By: Viktoriya Monosova
College Now Course - BSS 1

There are many different ways to define what a hero is. Many people believe that a hero is an individual who is very strong and has a power. This isn't very realistic, since we all know that no human being can actually have divine powers. Others believe that a hero is one who has saved a life by putting his/her own life on the line. Not many people are actually willing to die for someone else. I view a hero as a person who is distinguished for a special achievement in a particular field. My hero is Dr. L. Darevskaya MD D.O.

Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a doctor. While playing with dolls and giving them shots, I realized that I really liked little kids and want to help them feel better. I was one of those kids who loved going to the pediatrician and getting my shots. I never cried. I was just always very interested at how the blood flowed through the IV., and into the little test tube. What I never understood was the hard work, time and dedication it would take for me to become a pediatrician.

Dr. Liliya Darevskaya MD D.O. is my role model. She was born in a Mogilev, Belarus on April 24, 1959. As a child she loved to learn about everything around her. She needed to know how and why everything came to be. As she grew a little older and came close to finishing school she wanted to become a pediatrician. Finishing ten years of school in Belarus with a gold medal allowed her to get into a prestigious medical school. Knowing that she had to be in school for many years didn't stop Liliya from achieving her goal. Straight out of med school she became a nurse in a child clinic; however, she needed more.

To live in America was one of Dr. Darevskaya's dreams. She got married at the age of 19 to Kim Darevskiy and had two daughters, Alina and Marina. Coming to America in 1991 opened up many doors for Liliya and her family. Coming from Belarus with almost no knowledge of the English language brought some difficulty into her studies; however, she was able to obtain her desired degree. She attended NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) and graduated in 1995 with a degree in Osteopathic Medicine. Now that's what I call determination.

Not only is she my aunt but she is what I want to become; a pediatrician and a doctor of osteopathic medicine. It was a long path to take, but she has accomplished her goal and is now one of the happiest people living. Her love and devotion to helping children makes her the successful individual she is today. Watching Dr. Darevskaya work hard towards her goal only inspired me and helped me understand that I want to be a pediatrician. Being able to see her lifestyle today makes me want to do it even more. Even though money is not the major reason for wanting to be a doctor, it is something to look forward to.

Why is she my hero? Her hard work, dedication, attitude and passion for pediatrics inspire me. Her capability to spend three days in the ER at a time, doing rounds to perfect her knowledge and position gives me a drive. Being very positive in her abilities and her will to succeed by taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans, not knowing if she will make it pushes me even more. She is one of the people who opened my eyes and made me realize that making yourself useful for others while enjoying what you do is the only way to live. Seeing the smiles on the children's faces that she has treated encourages me and brings warmth to my heart.

When someone has such a great impact on the way a person leads their life and inspires someone to be someone, they are a hero. My hero did not risk her life to save another's; however she does save many lives every day. She does not have super powers, but she does have the power to make a child feel better and smile. These qualities are far more important that the qualities that any other hero may have. I will eventually be in her shoes and I will succeed with a practice of my own. She is there to guide me and show me something to look forward to and for that I am very thankful.