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Daniel Mirzakandov

College Now

By: Daniel Mirzakandov

The SD 10 College Now program will help me prepare for college and the future ahead. I am taking this course because I would like to know a lot about college that I don't already know. This course will help me understand about college and how things in college are done.

This class will help me by understanding more about college. This class will help me by choosing the right college, the courses that I will be thinking of taking in college and financial planning. Also, this class will help me know the different study habits, time management, and by decision making.

My experience of this class is going to help me succeed in college. I love this class; I have fun learning about college, going on the Internet to search for information about a particular college and so much more. I took this class because I wanted to both learn and know things about college and also to receive a college credit. So far I am succeeding in this class because I participate, come on time, and never skipped a class.

This class has helped me about financial planning. It helped me by going on Internet sites and searching for a particular college that I want to know information about. Then, when I come home, I show my parents (on the Internet) a specific college that I want to go to and also I ask them if we can afford it or not.

Finally, this is a good decision that I made of taking this class because it did help me learn all about college, the courses that are offered there, and so much more.