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Tammi Chan

Humanities Poem

By: Tammi Chan
College Now Course - HUM 1

Reacting towards the First World War,
A group of artists had torn down the divisional wall
"This fighting is absurd," they would each say
"For this, our art must define the way we feel today!"
So they began to use such unconventional things
As to portray the illogic they saw in this boundless warring
With common objects each creatively used,
Wheels, urinals, and barstools now became art
when they were together fused
Of such artists, one was Marcel Duchamp
And through his works he'd taken a founding jump
Taking a urinal and signing R. Mutt on the side,
"Fountain" it was called, and boy, did it stir up a rile!
"That's not art," snotty critics would claim
"It doesn't satisfy the ideals of art in a single way!"
What these people did not know, on the other hand
Was that this average fountain was art
As long as his work the artist can arguably defend
Using an old for creating a new
He was just one to broaden the world's artistic view.