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Nena Nedler

It's True

By: Nena Nedler

I thought you were not one thing more
Thought you were just a friend
Someone who I would buy presents for
And curfew I would bend
You're someone I could talk to
Who wouldn't act all shy
You'd notice if there was something new
And never tell a lie
But lately there is something strange
I've never felt before
I hope these feelings never change
And go on more and more
Could this be love, its just one word
So many definitions
It's you and me that I see
In all my premonitions
Your presents brings chills down my spine
And a smile across my face
Oh how I wish that you were mine
I'd leash you just in case
You'd pull and tug, try to get loose
And I'd just hold on tight
To me you're more than a passing goose
You're my childhood's favorite kite
I've begged and prayed for,
Someone just like you,
Now I can't ask for anything more,
I can't believe that it's true.