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Christine Xu

Death for Love

By: Christine Xu

The devil of death wafts into her room
Reaches to her roselike lips, closed eyes, and silky hair.
Be he's afraid, reluctant to touch,
For the first time his heart melts,
He wants to hug and kiss her,
But he's afraid it will draw her last breath out

For the very first time
He wants to save a life.
Instead of draw her last breath, he does it to himself.

I feel weak, my spirits draw away from me.
I love you unconditionally.
That's why I do this for thee.
Please open your eyes and look at me.

I feel weak, I'm literally skin and bone.
Please, please open your eyes for me.

I feel weak, I can no longer stand or leave.
Please!! Please!! Open your eyes for me.
She opens her eyes and
Sees nothing but a mist of white, heavenly dust.