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Kingsborough Community College

Mission, Vision, and Values


Kingsborough Community College responds to the needs of its diverse community by offering high quality, affordable, innovative, student-centered programs of study that prepare graduates for transfer and the workforce. The college strives for equity and seeks to provide each student with the appropriate resources and supports to foster success.


Kingsborough Community College encourages students to take an active role in their own learning. The College strives for high quality and continuous improvement in all areas related to student learning, including academic programs, teaching, student services, administration and support, and the campus environment.


Respect - Civility, acceptance, appreciation, and support of individual differences

Diversity - The proactive fostering of greater inclusion and ultimately equity at every level of college life

Integrity - Fair and ethical standards in all policies, procedures, and practices

Excellence - High quality teaching, student services, administration, and community engagement; and high standards for student achievement

Accountability - Taking responsibility for our actions and outcomes

Innovation - Creative thinking and approaches that enhance learning and support continuous improvement

Ratified by College Council May 2019