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College Planning

By: Joyce Yau

I did a research on five colleges, which consisted of FIT, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and St. John's University. After doing a research on many of the colleges, I realized that I had more of an interest in the Fashion Institute of Technology. I wasn't sure about the career of fashion designing but after my research in that school, I realized that it was a school that I might be able to consider. I had an interest in interior design and accounting as well. I found out that FIT had a major in architecture, and in interior design, which gave me a greater interest. The population was mostly female. Was that considered a good thing or a bad thing? It was in the city, so I didn't think that there was a need to live in a dorm. Living in the dorm was another thing that I might need to consider. Do I want to live in the dorm or stay at home?

Columbia University is one of the schools that I might want to think about. They also have the majors that I am interested in. I think that a lot of people have dreamt about being accepted to MIT. Of course, it was one of the IVY league schools. I would be so happy if I would get into that school, even though I know that it might not be a possibility and even if it were, it would have been a slim chance. They have most of the architecture, engineering and other technology related courses and majors. The tuition is rather more expensive, but if I was accepted to one of these schools, I think that it would have been worthwhile.

For the field of accounting, St. John's is a school that may be something I can think about. I have heard good things about that school and many of my teachers, including a principal that I once knew went there. They have the associates and bachelor degrees. I went there on a trip with the Academy of Finance. The school is big and interesting. I wanted to be an accountant but there are too many accountants in the world that I might need to think about whether I might want to be an accountant. That was why I am thinking mostly about being an interior design architect. In such category, Cooper Union might be a choice. It is a very small school and the chance of getting in may be hard, even though it might not be as hard as MIT, it might still be a slim chance. Cooper Union is also in New York City, which would make transportation and getting there really easy. The tuition is also inexpensive. All of these schools require the SAT's and/or ACT. I think I made the right choice in taking the SAT's in May.

Do I want to go to school nearby or further away? A big school or a small school? In the city or not? Public or private? The problem is that I tend to procrastinate when I think about things because I often am unable to make up my mind. This lets me to think about one of the articles - "How to Overcome Procrastination." I will try to do the steps listed there in helping me rid of procrastination. I hope that I am successful in overcoming procrastination. I guess all this research does help. I am thinking ahead of time. Another situation is financial aid. I know that I need the help of financial aid. The FAFSA article has taught me things that I didn't know myself about financial aid, for instance, certain errors that people make filling out the form. They tend to leave blank spaces. This has taught me not to leave anything blank on the form.