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Aleksandr Gurgov

By: Aleksandr Gurgov

Workers in my area of business require more than the basic tools and supplies given to carry out specific tasks. As a manager in a department store, my workers seem to be bored and go through motions without any enthusiasm. My goal is to motive my workers, so that they will be excited and have a positive feeling towards their jobs.

Motivation gives a person higher morale, a better feeling toward the job, the boss and the company. Higher morale eventually pushes a person towards achieving a better result. My plan of motivation is to increase the wages of workers who are showing improvement for the past few months. I think this is a good idea, because employees who work hard should get a reward. Without a reward, this good effort will eventually start to depreciate and the worker can lose interest in what he does. Another way I will motivate my workers is by giving them flexible work hours. For example, some people may have special needs such as feeding their kids and sending them to school in the morning. Therefore, flexible work hours will meet the employee's needs by allowing him/her to come to work later and also leave late.

One theory that is similar to my motivational plan is Frederic Winslow Taylor's system. Taylor stated that money is the great motivation. When this system was first put into practice, the average earnings raised from $1.15 to $1.88. As a result of this raise, the average amount of steel handled per day increased from 16 to 57 tons. Another technique that is similar to my motivational plan is Flextime. This technique is used when your working hours are changed for your needs.

Thus, I have provided a plan to motivate my subordinates and hopefully this plan will improve my business goals of the future.
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