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Steven Perchikov

My Entrepreneurial Dream

By: Steven Perchikov

Being an entrepreneur is a dream for many. In fact, most people will say there is nothing more liberating than putting time, energy, money, investment and risk into something and watching it succeed. Rather than working under someone's supervision, under constricted hours, helping another man get rich, one can create an environment where the entrepreneur creates the hours and the vision. Certainly I would love the preceding to hold true for me.

My entrepreneurial dream wouldn't be anything innovative but it would be rewarding. I'd love to open up a barbershop. Ever since childhood the barbershop was always a place where men could get together, make jokes, laugh and just talk. Besides all this, cutting hair is very interesting and I am pretty good at it.

I would like my barbershop to be a sole-proprietorship. I like the idea of making my own hours and not answering to anyone. The business would be run as I saw fit. I think the barbershop would be a success because of the environment that would be created. Like the barbershops of my youth it would be a sanctuary from the perils of everyday life. I would create close relationships with my customers and employees as well as provide top of the line haircuts. This combination will leave the customer more then satisfied and enthused to come back for another visit.

Although a sole-proprietorship has many pitfalls, I can hopefully journey through them. The worst obstacle would be unlimited liability. Since my business would be a small business, it would take time before it gets notoriety so I would surely suffer losses. If the losses continued, not only would my business go under but my personal assets would be used to pay off the debts I owed. However, if I do manage to overcome the first year or two of troubles, my business would surely start making profits and, minus several expenses, I would be able to reap the profits as I saw fit.

In my opinion, an entrepreneurship, as a sole-proprietor of my own barbershop, would be a dream come true. Despite several obstacles, I believe the rewards far outweigh them.