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Joe Palazzolo

October Sky

By: Joe Palazzolo
College Now Course - SCI 1

There are many issues that are brought up in discussion of the movie, October Sky. Some of these issues are more personal and some of them are social issues. When I think of the movie, October Sky, I relate to such issues that reflect on myself and what I think. The issues that I think are important and of some significance are that you should always believe in yourself and act on your dreams. Also, having true friends in our life is very important. There are some things in life that you would rather go through with a friend rather than by yourself. If you do not, then you will accomplish nothing in life, or you will accomplish something without appreciating yourself for it.

One way that I can relate to the movie, October Sky, is that Homer, the main character of the movie, reaches for his dreams and believes in himself the whole time. He never gives up, and after many hardships, reaches his goal of building a successful rocket. I, too, would not stop pursuing my dream just like Homer did. Homer and the Rockets Boys went through a lot together to build the rocket, and they never stopped believing in themselves and one another. Believing in one another that they can actually, as a bunch of boys from a mining town, pull off building a rocket and winning a science fair is incredible. That is one of the main reasons that they were about to reach their goal. I would fight as hard as I could to achieve my goal, and there is no excuse for anybody that doesn't.

Another issue from the movie, October Sky, that I can relate to is the importance of having close friends. The Rocket Boy's relationship played a huge role in their success. If each one of them weren't there to contribute to the project, I don't know if they would have been successful. But, that's not the point, each one of The Rocket Boys had something to fight for. They had to fight so that they didn't let each other down. They all wanted to win that science fair and leave their town to go to college.

The movie, October Sky, has many issues that are important and are of some significance. Believing in yourself, having true friends, and acting on your dreams are very important. In the movie, October Sky, and in the lives of almost everyone, these three issues play important roles. If someone doesn't pursue their dream without giving up and without fighting for it, then most people would not become successful in life. The Rocket Boys showed us true friendship, to never give up, to pursue your dreams, and to always believe in yourself and your close friends that have gone through the worst with you.