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Yolanda Chow


By: Yolanda Chow
College Now Course - BA 10

When people are not working hard that means they are not motivated to do their jobs. These workers have no reason to work hard if they are not compensated for their labor. If you force or threaten them to do their jobs, they will work. However, they will not work efficiently or effectively and then the company will not achieve their goals. Ways to bring enthusiasm and stimulation to subordinates is by using Douglas McGregor's Theory Y and Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory.

Theory Y believes that employees will accept responsibility and do their jobs if they gain personal rewards. If they achieve rewards like recognition, increase in salary, or promotions their attitude towards their work will change and they will be more involved. The opposite of Theory Y is Theory X. It is believed that in order to get people to work, a manager needs to coerce and control their employees. Control of employees does not mean better motivation, it might just anger the workers. Therefore, Theory Y will be more effective and proper because it is the workers that are motivated to do their job. With this theory the workers will be satisfied and happy that they are doing their work and getting something in return for their tasks.

The Herzberg's Theory is called the motivation-hygiene theory. It is an idea that satisfaction and dissatisfaction are separate and distinct dimensions. Satisfaction factors are achievement, advancement growth, and responsibility, which are known as motivation factors. Factors that lead to dissatisfaction are supervision, interpersonal relationships, and working conditions. Hygiene factors are factors that should be present to decrease dissatisfaction. This will make workers feel and work comfortably in their jobs.

To motivate employees to work they need to feel content. Theory Y and the Herzberg's Theory are the ways that inspires them do their jobs. It makes them feel adequate and it provides rewards.