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Rachel Serkin

Faceless Names - in The Sun Also Rises
By: Rachel Serkin
College Now Course - HUM 1

Your generation is sick, beyond all cures, beyond even a treatment
A lost generation, Hemingway's lost generation

Cold, faithless, loveless, intoxicated, and lost
The poison flows through your very veins in place of blood

You have your Jakes, member, victim, poster boy for your lost generation
A survivor of your meaningless war, never to consummate, never to be fulfilled

There are your Michaels, lost in their drinks, never able to touch the bottom
They roam the world, drinking, whoring, and spending, without a care as to where they'll end up next

Next are the Robert Cohen's, weak, rich, and as stereotypically Jewish as you can get
to their very last names
These people just seem to crawl and cower after the others

Finally you have the Bretts. They find comfort in the arms of men, night after night,
hotel room after hotel room
They'll take and take, but their love is always unrequited

So there you have it, the faces of a generation, wandering ghosts
Still searching, still hoping, silently praying that the fog will lift and all will be familiar
But now you're just strangers with faceless names
That's all you might ever be