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Salvatore Pugliese

Experiences That Have Shaped My Life

By: Salvatore Pugliese
College Now Course - SD 10

People all have experiences that shaped their lives in one way or another. Everybody learns something from past occurrences that change the way of one's future. I too, have had experiences that have altered my life. Some accomplishments might seem small, and others might seem large, but all of them have changed my life in some way.

Many of the experiences I have had have been fairly recently. One of the biggest that has modified my life is entering New Dorp High School in Staten Island, New York. Going to a new school truly constructed my life into one full of hope and possibilities. In grade school, I was never the top student, and I never felt I could be. When I entered a brand new environment, I turned over a new leaf. I was able to concentrate, focus, and do well, allowing myself to exceed my expectations and excel in my academic areas.

Another accomplishment that has helped to shaped my life was being accepted into the National Honor's Society. When I read my acceptance letter, I realized that everything I had worked for over the past three years did not go unnoticed. Although everything I did was for me, proving to myself that I could be the best I could be, other people recognized my hard work and rewarded me for it. It was a great honor to be acknowledged by such a prestigious group.

A final experience that has shaped my life was being part of the City University of New York (CUNY) 2002 Model Council Project in New York City. For two months, I attended workshops in Manhattan to get an understanding on how the New York City Council works and operates. In January, the group went to City Hall, where we debated over a new bill that we are trying to pass regarding term limits. I got to see what our council does everyday, which gave me a new respect for our leaders. It also allowed me to see how the government works in a more sophisticated way. I was not just reading a textbook, but actually experiencing it myself. It was a powerful project to work on and I feel very proud and honored to have been selected.

All of these occurrences that I have had have made me who I am. To most people, they might seem unimportant, but when you apply yourself and try your hardest, you experience a lot of opportunities that can change your life. It is amazing how things we do can change us into something we never knew before. Experience is the only way to shape your life.