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Leonard Croft

College Now

By: Leonard Croft

Choosing College Now was not a hard decision for me because I knew that I wanted to gain as many college credits as possible. Just being involved in a college class would help better my understanding of college in the long run. College Now was just a chance to get a step up on the experience and knowledge of how college operates.

Taking College Now obviously had great benefits to it or else I wouldn't be coming to this class every Wednesday. Many of my friends ask me how is that I can stand to come to this class every Wednesday and stay at school for an extra two hours. Well, I tell them that it is hard to come to this class and stay for an extra two hours but I made a commitment to myself to follow this through. College Now allows me to receive three college credits, which I learned, have to be paid for in college. So I'm extremely happy that I get the chance to earn three credits without paying anything.

Being in the classroom has allowed me to gain so much information that I never knew before which is very beneficial. Getting the feel for how the classes will be run in college is another important factor that I'm able to receive from being in this class. Reading books and going on the Internet to get information about college is one thing, but actually being in a college class gives you a totally different knowledge base. Being able to just get up and go to the bathroom quietly was something new for me.

I'm so used to asking the teacher for permission to go to the bathroom that I never realized that you don't have to ask the professor's permission to go to the bathroom. It might seem like a little thing to other people but it's important to me because this is something you can't find out reading a book or going online. If I were to ask the professor permission to go to the bathroom in college I would probably be embarrassed. This is just one little piece of knowledge that I picked up while attending the College Now class.

Personally, I believe that the College Now program can be nothing but beneficial to everyone who takes it. Being in that class may seem hard to do and it is hard to do, but the reward for going every week is so incredible.