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Whitney Bull

Benefits of College Now

By: Whitney Bull

Everyone has personal aspirations and goals that they wish to pursue. For an individual such as myself, currently in my third year of high school, I have the desire to go to college. As an inquisitive teenager, I yearn to obtain knowledge about things that interest me such as college. When I heard about the College Now SD 10 class from a peer, I jumped at the opportunity as I knew it would assist me in pursuing my goal of attending college in several ways.

Promoting from high school to college is a very drastic transition and it brings about different adaptations and habits that one needs to acquire in order to undergo this change successfully. When I was informed that the class "prepares you for college", I knew that the advice I needed would be given to me. The skills such as time management and note-taking are introduced and are effective in college life as well as high school. It was beneficial for me to have the minor questions and uncertainties answered that I needed to be informed about. Topics like financial aid, majors, careers and self-evaluation were really useful and allowed me to realize that there is a lot more to college than I thought, but thanks to College Now I am one step ahead of the game.

The class is very helpful in the financial aspect because as opposed to being obligated to pay a few of about $300 in college, the course is offered free in high school. It is also a known fact that teenagers demand to be treated in the respective manner as young adults as opposed to simple high school kids. This class is a good experience in the shoes of an actual high school student. It is obvious that this course is positive, beneficial and fun.