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Christina Marino

Child's Last Day

By: Christina Marino
College Now Course - HUM 1

Hot summer day
Dry as the prior
Born was a child
With discontented desire

Never was he held
Never was he caressed
Never did he beg
For a life he couldn't possess.

No more than a year old
His life is succinct.
No more than a mere child
Without the power to think.

Lying in the sand
With nothing but a shawl
This boy has no hope left
But to crouch down and bawl.

Longing for time
And a life to cultivate
Darkness is behind him
Which he cannot eliminate.

The darkness has two eyes
With which he stares waiting
For this child's heart
To finally stop beating.

Wings of black which are
Wholly covered with sin.
The devil truly owns this soul
Which destroys one from within