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Anna Sapozhnikova

October Sky

By: Anna Sapozhnikova
College Now Course - SCI 1

Many issues arise from analysis and discussion of the film, October Sky, some personal, others social. These issues have great influence on the characters in the film and American society. The characters of the film get inspired and overwhelmed by the new inventions they see for the first time. One of the major events that was a great inspiration was the launch of the Russian spacecraft, Sputnik.

It all begins in West Virginia in a small mining town. Everyone there knows what their future will be like. Men, especially, will be coal miners. One night, Homer sees a spacecraft, Sputnik, flying in the dark sky. That night changed his life forever. Seeing Sputnik inspired him to study Science and even become a rocket scientist. However, not everyone thought that was a good idea. Homer's father, especially, didn't approve that and didn't even take him seriously. He always thought that his son would follow in his footsteps, which he followed after his father, and so on. He wanted the tradition of being coal miners to continue. However, Homer's three friends, Quentin, Ray and O'Dell didn't find the idea of becoming rocket scientists as crazy as everyone thought it was.

After a while when Homer went against his parents and started making his own homemade rockets with the help of his friends, his father got furious. We could see that it was very hard for Homer to go against his parents, but he was going after his dreams. He didn't want to be forced to stay in that small town for the rest of his life, where everyone had one destiny. It was very sad to realize that he had no support from his parents and mostly his father, because they meant a lot to him. It was so much more difficult to do something knowing that the closest people didn't support you. He knew that if he tried as hard as he could he would reach his goals no matter the cost. It was very important to Homer to believe in himself and his ability to go after his dreams. He even became friends with the "nerd" in school so he could help him design model rockets. That shows us that Homer didn't care about other people's opinions and what they thought about him. He showed everyone that having real friends is so great no matter who they are or how unpopular they are and how very important that was to him. The whole town thought that the "rocket boys" were just wasting their time and were making fools of themselves. However, it wasn't important for the boys what the town thought. The only thing that was important to them was that they had each other and they would get what they always dreamed of, to have a future.

The boys continued experimenting with their model rockets. Eventually everyone was against the boys, except one person, their Science teacher, Ms. Riley. She was the only one who supported Homer and his friends all along. She believed that they could make it in the real world, and make a difference. Ms. Riley shows us how important teachers are in our lives. They encourage us to do better and keep going. They tell us to strive for the stars even if everyone else, including your parents, don't think so. Ms. Riley was a great influence on the "rocket boys". She believed in them and told them to never stop if they really wanted something. She asked them to go to the National Science Fair, a scholarship being their prize.

Homer and his three friends were worried. They weren't sure if they could make it. No one supported them, but Ms. Riley. There was another issue - money. All of them had financial obstacles. They weren't sure if they could get enough money, which is a great obstacle to overcome. Financial problems sometimes make huge differences in people's lives. Not having enough money for education can change a person's choice of college, since they can't afford to pay high tuition in some of the best colleges. Therefore, it can change someone's choice of career or sometimes can ruin people's lives.

Homer doesn't stop, and against his dad's will and permission, decided to go to the National Science Fair, which all three of them prepared for a long time. Overcoming many obstacles they succeed at the Science fair, proving to everyone that, as long as you have dreams and goals, you will always reach them no matter what. That is a great lesson to be learned. The importance of having confidence in yourself and having the desire to succeed will always help make your dreams come true.

October Sky also shows us that America was destined to go into space. America was always the country that had to make all the best accomplishments in the world. Since Russia launched their spacecraft, Sputnik, Americans had to do it, too, and do a better job. When Homer saw Sputnik flying over his head, he was so overwhelmed and inspired that he wasn't going to let the opportunity of becoming a famous rocket scientist pass him by. He knew he would succeed if he got the support he needed. It was the only opportunity for him to make a difference in the world. That was the only way to show people that not everyone was going to become a coal miner. Homer showed everyone that, if you really put your mind to something, you will definitely succeed. He also proved to everyone that, if you really put your mind to something, you will definitely succeed. He also proved to everyone that you don't have to be rich and have a diploma from the best college or university in the country, that it's enough to try your best wherever you are and with whatever circumstances you're in.

October Sky, shows us how important getting along with your parents is. Without their support, kids start doubting themselves and even stop what they're doing to reach their goals. The film also illustrates that having friends can make a world of difference. Real friends are always there for you when you need them to be and try their best to help you however they can. We can learn that sometimes it really doesn't matter how popular your friends are, or what other people think of them, as long as you enjoy their company, get support from them, and your friendship is mutual, sincere, and beneficial.

Most of all, October Sky shows us how important it is to believe in yourself. When a person goes out of their way to get what they always dreamed of, it always pays off in the long run. It is very important to have confidence in what you do no matter what others say. It is also very important to know that you have all the love and support you need from the people that surround you. Finally, as Homer shows us, it doesn't matter where you live or what your financial status is, as long as you believe you can accomplish what you always dreamed of. Even if you don't get exactly what you wanted, you'll always know that at least you have tried.