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Nena Nedler

Fantasy Proposal

By: Nena Nedler

I think to myself, am I worth you.
Do I deserve to have you, to call you my own.
All our memories will never fade from my mind.
I lay awake, only to feel your warm breath.
The touch of your finger tips across my face.
Your soothing voice telling me not to be scared.
As the sum has fallen, the moon has arisen.
A twinkle in your eye from the reflection of the stars.
Wrapped in my covers, your hands heal my wounds.
Your smile makes me giggle.
A tingle in my stomach.
Nevertheless, I am scared.
I'm scared of the world, the people, and most of all, YOU.
To be with you comes with a package:
The smiles you bring me.
The hands that touch me.
Those arms around me.
The tears you shed me.
The fears you dread me.
The knowledge you feed me.
The paths you've led me.
And it comes down to,
You say you love me. The words we share.
Not even my life to this would compare.
To understand, my heart, my soul,
My thoughts, my grief, my life.
Wish that one day in future years.
Bless me with those holy words.
"Will you be my wife?"