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Cindy Ramos

A Wise Choice

By: Cindy Ramos

"College Now" is one of the best experiences that I have encountered in my life. This class, SD 10, has fed me with important information about colleges, and the life awaiting a college student. This class has served to teach me about both the materialistic as well as the mentality that a student needs to succeed in college. Before taking this course, I wondered if I was actually going to get something out of it. But now that I am about to complete it, I realize I would have made a terrible mistake if I had not given up some of my time to take these important classes, which have become indispensable to me.

So far, "College Now" has taught me how hard a college life can get. The interminable essays, lengthy reports and loads of homework every night that we are faced with in high school are just a small portion of what is given in college. Though I have discovered the downs, I have also learned the liberties that a college student receives once they enter the school, especially those who move out of their homes. Before, I wasn't so sure if leaving to another state was a good idea or not, but I've recently made a decision to stay close by for my mother and for myself. I think that after a week's work of school, I will really need some time to go out with my friends, or have a talk with my mom. These courses have opened my mind to new ideas that I had never thought about. They have also helped to give me confidence and motivation that I WILL be able to make it. Since I am one of the first people in my family heading to college, these courses have given me a small overview of what to expect, thus I won't be too foreign to a new surrounding and I'll be able to adapt quicker.