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Brian D. Morales

Enthusiasm and Stimulation of Co-Workers

By: Brian D. Morales
College Now Course - BA 10

I have been given a manager position at Macy's Department Store. That's a great job to have. There is only one problem; the workers in my department are not motivated. There has to be a sense of enthusiasm and stimulation. I believe that there are two motivation techniques that would best suit my subordinates in regaining their excitement about work. The first being Management By Objectives and the second being Employee Participation.

Management by objectives, which is a motivation technique in which a manager and his or her subordinates collaborate in setting goals. The main purpose of MBO is to clarify the roles that the subordinates are expected to play in reaching the organization's goals; it allows subordinates to participate in goal setting performance evaluation, thus expanding their motivation. Most MBO programs consist of a series of five steps. These steps include:

  1. Program endorsed by top management
  2. Preliminary goals established by management
  3. Goals established between manager and subordinate, and required resources determined
  4. Progress reviewed and goals modified, if necessary
  5. Results evaluated

MBO can motivate my employees by involving them in the process. This setting of goals is done by discussing goals and performance appraisals. The line of communication is greatly improved within the organization. I have done some research and some other businesses like Tenneco, Black and Decker, DuPont, General Foods, RCA, and General Motors have all established a MBO and report that they are very happy and successful because of the MBO program.

The second technique I would use is Employee Participation. When employees are given a chance to be heard in the organization and they get to have a say in determining what they will be doing and where the organization is headed, the employees develop a sense of involvement and commitment. This feeling should lead readily to enhanced motivation. This style of motivation promotes an increased amount of employee motivation and solutions to organizational problems.

Macy's is a huge store. We need to have all our employees happy doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. If all the employees are highly motivated, there is a sense of high motivation and sense of importance in the company.