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Krystal Figueroa

College Now

By: Krystal Figueroa

Beginning too early? I think not. If your school is offering College Now, I urge you to enroll today. College Now is beneficial in many different ways. It allows you to get a feel for the college setting, it gives you the opportunity to gain college credits without having to pay, and it most importantly lifts your self moral.

College Now may seem like something only people in college should be dealing with, but it isn't, it is something every high school student should take advantage of. You benefit by having a college class before you are even in college. Getting the feel of the freedom and no pressure from your teachers. The classroom setting is different, in that it has fewer students, and you get the opportunity of more one-on-one time. You get the taste of what expectations your college professors will expect from you. College Now is like brushing your teeth before you go to the dentist office; you don't want any food stuck in your teeth before the dentist looks. In college you don't want any bad habits if they can be prevented.

Choosing to begin your college education a couple of years early won't hurt. College Now gives you the opportunity to gain college credits in high school. These classes not only give you the credit if passed, they provide you with the knowledge. If you are a College Now student you learn various subjects and very valuable skills like, time management, research skills, and college lingo. By attending these free college sessions you are only enlightening yourself further and putting your foot in to the door of college. No one ever said that college was going to be easy, but with College Now you might just have a heads up for what it's going to be like.

By attending these sessions you will begin to see how differently you look at life. Suddenly you are thinking more about how you will fit everything into your schedule, when just a few months early schedule was something only adults worried about. When it is a nice sunny day and you are stuck after school attending College Now, it might not seem so great but when you know how to get over something others don't, you feel better about those sunny days. A couple of days a week for a certain amount of months will make a difference, trust me it has already made a difference in mine.

If you have the opportunity, do take advantage, College Now is in school for kids to use and abuse. People are giving us free candy why wouldn't we run and ask for seconds? I hope that everyone takes my advice and joins College Now.