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Amanda Insanali

By: Amanda Insanali
College Now Course - BA 10

I am the manager of a department in Macy's Department store. The workers that I supervise are not working very efficiently. I need to come up with a plan to make them want to do their job and be more proficient in doing their job.

One way I plan on motivating them to do their job properly is by following the technique in which Frederick Taylor followed. He had a piece-rate system in which the employee is paid based upon the amount of products produced. However, I would have one based on the amount of successful sales ideas the employees could come up with. I feel money is the greatest motivator and people will often do things if they're offered money.

Another way in which I would try to motivate my workers is by telling them that they can work without actually being in the office, telecommuting. They can have at home, all the technological equipment they would have in the office without actually being in the office. It is a good motivator for that lazy person that hates waking up at 5:30 AM just to go to work. They can just go to work in their pajamas; they don't have to be concerned about how they look. It is a means of convenience and luxury.

All of these methods and techniques should be able to motive my workers to do their jobs in a right and efficient manner. All they need is that specific means of motivation to get them to work better.