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Nena Nedler

Beauty of Empress

By: Nena Nedler

The sun set with such a beauty
With it's grace and noble mind
And by mid-day I was moody
And I stopped my search to find
So I sailed across the ocean
Waves of water, depend blue
Empress constantly in motion
Seemed like she was in search too
Though the night fell calm and quiet
My mind wouldn't get no rest
Silent sounds caused such a riot
As I gazed up towards the crest
Now the sun by night was swallowed
And the moon stood prominent
Glistening stars before it groveled
For they knew, it's dominant
Clouds amaze me with their beauty
All the secrets they reveal
Others glare at them so rudely
Not recognizing their appeal
I leaned forward, my hair drifting
Goosebumps filled my legs and arms
And uncovered what's uplifting
Without perception how it harms