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Julissa Rey

Dark Matter/Dark Energy

By: Julissa Rey
College Now Course - SCI 1
art_rey.jpgDark Matter
Did you know that about 90% of the universe's mass is believed to be made up of dark matter and dark energy?

Dark matter is the mass in galaxies and clusters (group of stars). It is likely to consist of planets, black holes, dust and burned out stars. The first indication of dark matter was in the 1930's. Fritz Zwinky noticed this dark matter when he looked carefully at a cluster of galaxies known as the Coma Cluster. Dark matter is responsible for holding numerous large groups of galaxies together. Through the bending of light rays from distant stars by their gravity, dark matter is, therefore, only detected indirectly.
art_reya.jpgDark Energy

Dark energy is a repelling force that opposes the self attraction of matter found in the universe. By using the Hubble Space Telescope, an American astronomer, Edwin Hubble, discovered that the universe was expanding. The Hubble Space Telescope made it possible to view a distant supernova (a disastrous explosion of a large star in the final stages of stellar (star) evolution) that implied an accelerating, inflating universe. This telescope also allowed astronomers to measure the distance and rate of the expansion.