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Nena Nedler

Love Me

By: Nena Nedler

You're the first thing on my mind
When I open my eyes
You're the last thing that I see
In my head before I sleep
When I'm sick your voice is healing
When I'm sad your smile brings warmth
When I'm happy you're appealing
When in trouble you come forth
When you speak it's gently calming
Pitter-patter like the river
When we touch, it is so loving
Down my spine I get a shiver
I was your friend and always will be
Never question what you mean to me
Trust me with all that you hide
Do not let burdens lay inside
You know how New York's sky is clear
That's my mind without a fear
Only knowing that you're near
Of happiness I shed a tear
Like the moon you guide me through
When I'm lost, bring me back to you
Sharing words of how we feel
Still can't believe that you are real
You're the dream I have at night
Wishing I could held you tight
Never leave me in despair
Say those words to show you care
Every word I say I mean
We just began, it's all a dream
Just promise me one little thing
That what we have won't be a fling
Say you'll always love me so
And never dare to let me go
And I will be yours here on out
That's something you shouldn't doubt