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Mei Chi Kong Lu


By: Mei Chi Kong Lu
College Now Course - BA 10

According to Frederick W. Taylor's scientific management, most people work only to earn money, in other words, money is the greatest motivation for workers. If I am a manager at Macy's and the workers in my department are not motivated, I will stimulate them according to his theory. First of all, I will separate them into two groups and choose the best two workers in my department to be the leaders of these two groups. Each member of the group will cooperate with each other in order to achieve the greatest selling amount. At the end of each month, the member in the group with the most sales amount will be paid more; if they sell beyond the quota they will receive a bonus at the end of the month. Also, the employee with the greatest amount of sales will get an additional day off.

Besides Frederick W. Taylor's scientific theory, I'll also combine Herzberg's hygiene theory to motivate workers enthusiasm. Herzberg suggests that the hygiene factors must be present to ensure that a worker can function comfortably. To achieve this goal, every six months, there will be a trip which workers can relax themselves and enable them to get along with each other better.

Combining Frederick W. Taylor's scientific management and Herzberg's hygiene theory enables me to motivate most of the workers and provide them with better working conditions.