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Laura Chen

Motivation In Business

By: Laura Chen
College Now Course - BA 10

All companies have goals. These goals should always be achieved and help the company grow. But the goals will only be reached with the help and cooperation of all employees and their work. To effectively achieve goals, all employees need more than the right materials, they need motivation. Motivation is the individual, internal process that energizes, directs, and sustains behavior, creating a personal force that causes one to behave in a particular way. There will always be conflicts with the employees' productivity in all companies. Employees that are not satisfied, and are not motivated loose their dedication and efforts, reducing productivity and increasing undesirable behaviors. As one of the managers at Macy's, the customers, the workers, the productivity, and all outcomes that might result and affect Macy's are of my concern, and among my worries.

How can I motivate all the workers in my department? Throughout the years, many different theories, studies, or motivation techniques have been created or invented for the sake of the management organization and the growth of all companies. I have learned through my own experiences that every employee needs to satisfy different needs, that after being achieved, could motivate the workers to do better and continue to fulfill their needs, which will lead to better outcomes for the company. My plan to get all the workers in my department motivated involves several different theories and techniques that will help me through the long path that takes you to success.

My first step to follow in my plan is based on Theory Z. This theory says that for best results within a company and for all American businesses, we should focus on "we" rather than on "us versus them". Theory Z employees and managers view the organization as a big family. This view makes the work environment more comfortable and more personal for all workers. By doing this, all workers will feel motivated and stimulated to cooperate and work for the sake of the company and its goals.

Another step would be based on the Reinforcement Theory, which is a theory of motivation based on the premise that behavior that is rewarded is likely to be repeated, whereas behavior that has been punished is less likely to recur. This means that if I reward all my employees for doing something right or showing desirable behaviors, they will most likely feel motivated and keep doing everything good and remain showing desirable behaviors. These rewards could include a raise in pay, a bonus, recognition, and even a promotion. But if they start showing undesirable behaviors and actions, my workers should know about them and be punished in way that will make them think it twice before undesirable behaviors are shown. Punishments could range from reprimands, to reduced pay, to disciplinary layoffs, and even to termination.

Also another theory that plays a very important role in my plan to motivate all my workers is Theory Y. This theory is a set of assumptions that underlie management's attitudes and beliefs regarding worker behavior. It assumes that employees accept responsibility and work toward organizational goals if by so doing they also achieve personal rewards. This means that if I show my workers or let them know that by doing their work or tasks properly at Macy's they will get something in exchange or some type of reward, they will work harder toward achieving their needs, which will lead to achieving the organizational goals.

In conclusion, being a manager for a big organization is not easy task. It is up to me to motivate all my workers to do their best and achieve the maximum of their productivity for the growth of the company. Everyone that works at Macy's is a little piece of the puzzle that is the whole organization. If the cooperation of one of the pieces of the puzzle is missed, the whole will get weaker and weaker. The key of strengthening my department is to motivate, bring enthusiasm and stimulation to all the workers. This will get the organization to reach its goals and be better everyday.