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Bao Jun Chen

Benefits of College Now

By: Bao Jun Chen

College is one of the most familiar topics among high school students, but on another hand, it seems not so clear to us. Everybody knows college is very different from high school. Before we get into college, it's necessary for us to acquaint ourselves with them.

College Now provides us a great and essential opportunity to explore how colleges are really like, and to experience college studying processes. College Now courses consist of diverse topics with which we have to deal when we are in college. The professors of these courses are professional. They will distribute lots of material about college during the classes. What I really appreciate is that the information is extremely helpful to us because they cover every single aspect of college. For instance, lessons about goal setting and evaluation, study skills, time management, financial aid, career information, etc. From these valuable courses, we've already been prepared for college. When we are actually in college, we can say" "Trouble in college, no way!"

Moreover, we can experience the classes which are very similar to college classes, especially for freshmen who are going to have classes in auditoriums. All of these are new and interesting. They help us to get rid of the confusion about being in college. We no longer need to worry about what we should do in college. After you've taken College Now, you will become a confident person.