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Elizabeth Londner

A Century of Change

By: Elizabeth Londner
College Now Course - HUM 1

World War One was a time of sorrow
Fighting today and dying tomorrow.
People fled to other countries
To live a better life then, hopefully.

Henri Matisse was a fauvist painter
who employed flat and bright colors
in an arbitary manner.

Ernst Kirchner, a German Expressionist,
was part of Die Brucke
Seeking to "bridge" to modernism.

Arnold Schoenberg was a radical figure
An Austrian composter
At the turn of the century.

Pablo Picasso, a phenomenal artist,
Abandoned traditional Western art forms
Adopting cubism, which differed from the norm.

Igor Stravinsky, another composer
Created shocking music in Russia
That was abrupt and disjunctive.

So in the twentieth century there were
Many musicians and artists observed
With styles of art and music that changed
From fauvism to expressionism, there was a wide range.