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Lorna Henry

College Now Experience

By: Lorna Henry

I would like to inform you about my College Now SCI class experience. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned an ample amount of material that may further my understanding of science in the future.

First of all it gave me an understanding how a real college class works. The information needed to pass an exam was not all written out on a chalkboard. Instead I had to listen intently to what the teacher said and take down notes of what I thought would be relevant. I also came to the realization that reading is extremely important to college courses, and you have to read and re-read material in order to better understand it.

Honestly I thought I was going to have an extremely difficult time with my science College Now course because I have never been strong in the sciences. However, when I paid attention, read the material and took notes on my own free will, I as able to comprehend what I was learning. Instead of being force-fed the information, I was able to draw my own conclusions from what I read.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the class was the amount of class participation that took place. We were able to carry on open discussions about things instead of the usual answer/response that I had grown accustomed to throughout my High School education.

All in all I must say it enhanced my learning abilities, and I thank my College Now teacher for the opportunity to enjoy a science class.