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Faculty Interest Groups

Faculty Interest Groups

What's a Faculty Interest Group (FIG)?
In a faculty interest group (FIG), faculty across disciplines meet to explore a common interest and share concerns and best practices.

How often do FIGs meet?
Generally, FIGs meet monthly though they may meet more frequently if participants want to. Meeting times are coordinated by the faculty facilitators, who represent a variety of departments and who try to accommodate all interested faculty.

When can I join?
You can join a FIG anytime. Meetings are posted on the KCTL calendar, and KCTL sends weekly emails to all faculty listing events scheduled for the following week.

What kind of commitment do I have to make?
There is no initial commitment, but it is often the case that faculty who meet through FIGs develop collaborative projects that go beyond the FIG meetings.

What FIGs are being offered this semester?
The following FIGS are being offered this semester. Please click on the name of a group below to learn a bit more about it.

How can I join or find out more? 
If you find any of these groups interesting, please contact KCTL at or ext. 5252 to join or to get more information.

What if I want to start a new group?
If you have any interest that is not addressed above and would like to start and facilitate a new group, please contact KCTL at or ext. 5252.

KCTL belongs to the KCC faculty. We look forward to hearing from you with your interests and your suggestions!

Groups currently on hiatus: