Diverse Faculty Groupdiversity

The KCC/CUNY Diverse Faculty Interest Group was created to:

  • Offer KCC faculty from diverse backgrounds and from under-represented groups the opportunity to explore issues pertaining to faculty in higher education. Specifically, the challenges that under-represented faculty (people of color; women; lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender individuals; and differently-abled people) experience in higher education.

  • Provide a forum in which the participants can discuss research, published articles, educational strategies and share resources pertaining to the specific needs of students and faculty from diverse/under-represented populations.

  • Foster the collaboration ofdiverse/under-represented faculty in the development and completion of individual or group scholarly and service activities.

  • Create a supportive and safe environment in which the participants can discuss professional concerns and receive feedback/information concerning the process of re-appointment, tenure and promotion. 

    Kevicha.JPG                                                    Keisha.JPG
    Kevicha Echols                                                                                    Keisha Thompson

     Kevicha Echols (Community Health) and Keisha Thompson (Behavioral Sciences) serve as co-facilitators of the KCC/CUNY Diverse Faculty Interest Group (FIG-D). The group meets monthly to discuss assigned readings, share their challenges, new initiatives and on-going projects.

    For more informationor to join the Diverse Faculty FIG, please contact Kevichaat(kevicha.echols@kbcc.cuny.edu) orKeishaat(Keisha.thompson@kbcc.cuny.edu) and please see our work on our site on the CUNY Academic Commons.