Faculty Mentoring Seminars

To meet the needs of faculty at various stages in their careers, KCTL will be hosting four seminars in the Spring of 2022, facilitated by KCC faculty, who will be serving as mentors for seminar participants. The seminar to be offered are:

  • Adjunct Faculty Seminar, facilitated by Lisa DeLange (Tourism and Hospitality) and MelisaJn Pierre (Communications)  
  • Lecturer Seminar, facilitated by Elizabeth Dill (English) and Delia Hernandez (Behavioral Sciences)
  • Tenured Faculty Seminar, facilitated by Sarah Bradwisch (Nursing) and Emily Schnee (English)
  • Nontenured Faculty Seminar, facilitated by Tamara Bellomo (Nursing) and Alison Better (Behavioral Sciences) 

If you'd like to have support at wherever you are in your career, please join!