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Winter Workshop

Winter Workshop Series

KCTL was established in the Fall of 2005 and, since then, has hosted workshops facilitated by leading thinkers in teaching and learning from across the country. Eventually, we settled into a pattern of offering these workshops each winter, and now refer to these as our Winter Workshop Series. Below is a list of workshops that we have hosted; click on a title to learn more about that workshop. If you are interested in learning more about any of these workshop topics, please contact us at ext. 5252 or at

2005 - Working with Multilingual Learners Across the Curriculum
2006 - Problem-Based Learning and Critical Thinking
2007 - Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
2008 - Decoding the Disciplines
2009 - The Seminar: Teaching and Documentation
2010 - Overcoming Apathy in the Classroom
2011 - SoTL Workshop (snowed out)
2012 - How Do You SoTL: An Editor's Perspective on Going Public with SoTL
2013 - Making Learning Visible: The Play's the Thing
2014 -  Curriculum Mapping: Assessment Principles for Improved Teaching and Learning
2015 - Flipping Your Classroom with Team-Based Learning
2016 - Backward Design
2017 - Culturally Responsive Teaching
2018 - Enhancing Student Motivation and Learning in Diverse Classrooms
2019 - Teaching at the Crossroads: Academic Literacy and Culturally Responsive Instruction
2020 - The Revolution Will Be Backward Designed
2021 - Session 1: Employing Culturally Affirming and Equity-Minded Teaching and Learning Practices Advance Institutional Equity
Session 2: Advancing Racial Equity and Justice on Campus: Aligning Culture and Strategy
2022 - High-Impact Practices: Designing and Improving for Elements of Quality
2023- The New College Classroom: An Interactive Workshop on Equity-Minded Practices