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Web Guidelines For Departments

Web Guidelines For Departments


To have work created for your web pages, please contact the Web Team and projects will be completed on a priority need basis. The most efficient way to provide changes to your website is to submit those changes in a MSWord.doc and send that document to

The main number to request support from Web Services is 718-368-6900.

Please provide the following for all website page edits/additions/deletions:

  1. Provide the specific page URL (webpage address) before each particular page that needs to be changed.
  2. Copy and paste the entire text content of that page into a MSWord.doc and make the necessary changes to the text.
  3. we will copy/paste your content exactly how it is written.
  4. Designate instructions in RED.
  5. Provide any photos as an attachment in the email that you send along with your MSWord.doc.
    a. Provide photo instructions (including captions) in red at the bottom for each page change.
     b. DO NOT embed the photos into the MSWord.doc
  6. Provide any linked documents as an attachment in the email that you send just like photos.
  7. If you need an entirely new page for your site, provide the location where you would like the page to be located.
  8. For new pages, provide in your MSWord.doc the Page Title, Headline, Page Content, Sidebar content (if necessary).

 Please follow  KCC Web Media Guide to submit images and videos to post on the KCC website.

Once you are finished with your changes in your MSWord.doc, save it and send the document along with any necessary photos/documents/PPTs as attachments in an email to


  • Never use underlining except for links (can be confused with a link.)
  • Italics should be used sparingly if at all because it is difficult to read. To emphasis, it is better to use bold.
  • Avoid using boldface or all caps for long pieces of text
  • In body text, use black text on a white background whenever possible to optimal legibility.
  • Always spell check your files.
  • Content - responsibility of the department. Timed information must be maintained to provide most current, up-to-date information.

Should copyright notices be posted on campus websites?

Ownership of copyrighted works created at the University is determined by the 1992 Policy on Copyright Ownership, which "provides copyright ownership to faculty for their scholarly and aesthetic copyrighted works, and provides the University ownership of its employment-related works." (Additional clarification is included on the

According to the U.S. Copyright Office a copyright notice should contain all of the following three elements: 

  • the symbol (the letter C in a circle), or the word "Copyright", or the abbreviation "Copr.";
  • the year of first publication of the work; and
  • the name of the owner of copyright in the work, or an abbreviation by which the name can be recognized, or a generally known alternative designation of the owner.