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About Honors

The Kingsborough Honors Program offers a challenging and rewarding educational experience for academically-minded students. The program provides a platform for students to explore their scholarly interests through honors-level academic work open only to honors students. Honors work emphasizes independent research, critical thinking, and analytical writing and argumentation skills. Honors work may be transferable to a variety of four-year colleges and universities as well as open up opportunities for selective transfer scholarships. The Honors Program strives to nurture excellence in leadership and service in addition to excellence in academics. The ultimate goal of the Honors Program is to support students as they become active and engaged citizens and scholars while building strong academic and co-curricular resumes.

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Honors Course Offerings: Spring 2024 (updated 1/22/2024)

All-Honors courses are designed to foster critical thinking, improve speaking and writing skills, and examine subject matter more deeply than a regular course. They generally do not require students to do more work; instead, these courses challenge students to work at a more sophisticated level and in a more independent manner. Courses are open to students who have a 3.20 or higher GPA and are capped at 25 or fewer students.

Students must earn a grade of B+ or higher to receive an Honors notation on their transcript.

All-Honors courses are three (3) units.

Honors Contract or Enrichment course listing


Attention: Honors Program students and faculty must:

Identify the applicable honors experience, complete the requisite information, and submit the form by the last Friday of the first month of each semester.

Please submit honors project grade(s) and a copy of your student(s) completed honors work via the Faculty Grade Form. Honors project grades and projects are due by the end of the final examination period of each semester.

Faculty must submit a representative of the student’s honors work. This might be the best part of the project or the part of the project that presented the most challenges for the student - whatever you deem the best representation of the student’s honors experience.

Please note: The Honors Program collects honors work so that we can support the college in assessing the Honors Program.
This data collection is necessary to improve the Honors Program’s best practices. It is not to assess any individual faculty member or honors student.


Getting Started with Honors: Best Practices (coming soon)
Honors Program Statement for Syllabi
Honors Program / Honors Credit

If you are interested in completing an Honors Contract (HC) or Honors Enrichment Component (HEC), please discuss your intentions with your professor.

Who is eligible to complete an Honors Project?

  • All admitted Honors Program students are eligible to complete an Honors Contract or HEC.
  • Honors-eligible students must have: i) 3.2 GPA, ii) 12+ cumulative credits, and iii) B+ or higher in ENG 1200/ENG 12A0 and/or ENG 2400 to complete an honors experience.

Students who do not meet this criteria but wish to complete an honors project should reach out to the Honors Program at

Faculty Grade Form

Complete the requisite information and submit your student's honors grade and project.

Honors project grade(s) and a copy of your student(s) completed honor work are due by the end of the final examination period of each semester.

Please Note:

  • It takes 6-8 weeks before the honors notation is visible on the student's transcript.
  • Students can only earn honors credit for either an Honors Enrichment Component (HEC), Honors Contract (HC), or Honors Service Project (HSP).

If you have any questions regarding this grade form, please contact the Honors Program.

Faculty Recommendation

The Honors Program at Kingsborough Community College works to promote enhanced academic opportunities and scholarly experiences for Kingsborough students. Faculty recommendations are an essential part of that process and an essential part of supporting Kingsborough's highest achieving students. We depend on faculty to help us identify Honors Program candidates, to encourage students to apply, and to serve as academic mentors for Honors Program scholars as they work on honors experiences in the classroom, and progress toward Honors graduation, transfer, and beyond.

Please use the link to answer the following questions about the Honors Program candidate to best of your knowledge. The best recommendations give us a sense of the candidate's scholarly goals and abilities and convey their overall academic character with an eye toward both their successes and failures. We thank you for your thoughtful consideration!

Please check our website at the beginning of the
spring semester for upcoming Honors Program
activities & events.

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