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Honors Program

Honors Enrichment Component

Honors Enrichment Component Eligibility

Honors Enrichment Component are regular college offerings open to Honors and non-Honors students. The instructor will conduct an HEC if there are five or more students with a 3.2 or higher GPA who commit to doing the extra work required to earn Honors credit for the course. Students who receive a grade of B+ or higher for the additional HEC work and as their final grade in the course will receive an Honors notation on their transcript. HEC registration will be conducted by the instructor in class shortly after the term begins.

Eligibility: Honors Notations requires grades of B+ or higher, on the additional work completed (15 hours of extra class/project work).

Honors Contract Eligibility

Honors Contract Project (HCP) offers individual students the opportunity to design and carry out a substantial research project, preferably in an upper-level course within a discipline, with the support of a faculty member who is an expert in the field. A completed HCP results in a final product, such as a paper, a portfolio, an original artwork, a computer program, a video recording of a performance, etc.

Eligibility: Honors Notation requires grades of B+ or higher on the additional work completed beyond regular class work.

All-Honors Courses Eligibility

All-Honors Courses are designed to foster critical thinking, improve speaking and writing skills, and examine subject matter more deeply than a regular course. They generally do not require students to do more work; instead, these courses challenge students to work at a more sophisticated level and in a more independent manner.

Eligibility: Courses are open to students who have a 3.20 or higher GPA and are capped at 25 students.

Students must earn a grade of B or higher in order to receive an Honors notation on their transcript.

Appling to All-Honors Courses: Students must go to room M377 for Course Registration Approval.