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Honors Program


Honors Program Eligibility

Eligibility for Incoming Students

  1. High school average of 85 or better
  2. CUNY Proficient in Math and English 
  3. Combined SAT score of 1160 or higher, an ACT score of 24 or higher;
  4. or, 80 or above on English Regents and 85 or above on Algebra I Regents;
  5. or, by special permission of the Honors Program 
  6. Completed Honors Program application

Eligibility for Continuing and Transfer Students

  1. 3.2 GPA or better after 12 completed credits; maximum 30 credits completed towards degree (*)
  2. CUNY Proficient in Math and English 
  3. B+ or better in ENG 1200/ENG 12A0 and/or ENG 2400
  4. A letter of recommendation from a Kingsborough faculty member
  5. Completed Honors Program application

(*) Special permission from the Honors Program may also be considered.

Note: Honors work in ENG 12 and ENG 24 will not count toward an Honors Program notation. Honors work in ENG 24 will only count toward an Honors Program - Presidential Scholars notation.