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Honors Program



Distinctions welcomes scholarly articles that explore important issues in all aspects of humanistic endeavors, not confined to a specific academic di


scipline. Our editorial staff is sympathetic to a broad range of theoretical and critical approaches, and we encourage submissions from every academic program at the college, from Art to Biology, from Philosophy to Tourism. Honors students who have completed Honors Contract courses are encouraged to submit research papers they have worked on with their mentors to the Distinctions Journal to be considered for publication. 

Submission Guidelines 


August 1 for the Fall issue and February 1 for the Spring issue. 

General Guidelines:

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word 2007 (or later) attachments to the Honors Program ( and include a working e-mail address and telephone number for both the student and mentor. Submissions should be in 12-point font and double-spaced throughout in a legible typeface like Times New Roman or Cambria.

Lists of works cited:

The biggest problem with our submissions is that the citations are woefully insufficient. Articles should include a list of Works Cited and be properly referenced according to the guidelines of the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), or other citation system appropriate to the discipline for which they were written. A list of urls in not acceptable. 

We do not publish:

~ Computer science papers that consist mostly of many pages of code

~ Art reviews of exhibits that are no longer running

~ Class assignments that are letters to officials

~ Papers that are basically biographies of famous persons

~ Class journals 

We are unlikely to publish:

~ Papers that are hand-written, unless they include exceptionally beautifully drawn diagrams

~ Overviews of topics, unless they include a summary of recent developments in the field

~ Art history papers that have no illustrations of the work being discussed

~ Papers by students we have already published, unless they are much better than other related submissions for that issue

~Personal essays, unless they also make an argument about a topic 

What we are looking for:

~ Articles approximately 3,000-5,000 words, which may include notes, diagrams, and/or illustrations

~ An argument, not just a summary of other's arguments

~ In-paragraph citations that are clearly connected to the Works Cited list

~ As few reference sources as possible 


Kingsborough Community College President and Provost honor students whose work is published in Distinctions at a ceremony each semester. Distinctions is an excellent induction into publishing your work and is an asset when you transfer to a four-year college or enter the workforce. 

Students are also offered the opportunity to present their work at the Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference held annually each spring, and at a local CUNY Honors Conference held the first Friday in May. 

For more information, please visit the Honors Office in room M377 or send an email to (