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Honors Program

Honors Program Deadlines

Honors Program Deadlines - Faculty

Fall Semester:

September: All Honors Contract and Honors Enrichment Component forms are due the last Friday in September  - forms will only be approved if the student is already in the Honors Program or is eligible and has applied to join the Honors Program

September: All letters of recommendation for Honors Program applicants are due the last Friday in September

December: Completed Honors Grade Forms are due the last day of the fall final examination period and must be accompanied by the following:

  • For Honors Enrichment Components: A course syllabus, a description of honors project, and copy of the students honors project

  • For Honors Contracts: A copy of the completed honors paper

Projects are expected to be completed and submitted by the grade deadline for the semester for which the course was registered. Extensions can be approved in extenuating circumstances.