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Honors Programs

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards

The Honors Program provides support to Honor students and Phi Theta Kappa members who are interested in applying for scholarships, especially transfer scholarships. Honor students should visit the Honors Office in M377 for assistance or send an email to (

Listed below are some of the scholarships, internal and external, available to entering, current, and graduating students.

CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP) at Kingsborough Community College

To encourage undergraduate participation in authentic scientific research and to increase persistence in STEM disciplines, CUNY is funding mentored laboratory experiences for CUNY community college students over a one-year period. For more information, please visit the Honors Office and speak to the Director. You can also find additional information at

Dean's List Scholarship
Students who have been on the Dean's List for their first two semesters and enroll full-time for a third semester are eligible for the Dean's List Scholarship. For more information, please visit the Office of the Dean of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in room A228 or call (718) 368-5029.

Wave Scholarship
Students interested in the Wave Scholarship should contact (718) 368-6558 or visit room A217.

Prestigious Scholarships
CUNY Office of Academic Affairs maintains the Prestigious Scholarships website which lists some of the best scholarships available to undergraduate students. Honor students should visit the website to learn about the eligibility for each scholarship, the application process, and the deadlines.

Kaplan Foundation Scholarship
The Kaplan Leadership Associate's Degree Scholarship offers financial and academic support, including individualized academic advising, transfer counseling, college tours, mentoring opportunities, leadership training and development to high potential associate degree students with unmet financial need who are also members of underrepresented populations in higher education. Scholarships for associate's degree candidates can be up to $3,000.00 and for bachelor’s degree candidates up to $25,000.00 per year plus additional funding to assist with living expenses.

Kingsborough's Academic and Service Scholarships and Awards
Annual awards are given to graduating students who achieve academic excellence in their various disciplines, and to students who give outstanding service to the college through student government and other student activities. The Faculty Committee on Awards administers the annual Awards Program. The Awards Ceremony is part of the two-day Commencement Exercises at Kingsborough and is usually held the evening before the Commencement Day in June. Families and friends of the awardees are invited to the annual Awards Ceremony to share in the celebration of the students' success.

The Faculty Committee on Awards, in addition selects the Valedictorian. All students who have achieved a GPA of 4.00 and have no more than 12 transfer credits to Kingsborough are invited to audition for the Valedictorian speech. For any questions regarding the Annual Awards Program, students should visit room A228 or call (718) 368-5797.

Awards are determined by departmental or college scholarship committee. Application deadlines will be announced for awards that are competitive.

Academic Awards

Department of Art
The Fine Arts Award
The Graphic Design and Illustration Award
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services
The Behavioral Sciences Award
The Substance Abuse Counseling Program Award
Mental Health and Human Services Program Award
The Early Childhood Education Award
Education Studies Award

Department of Biological Sciences
The Biological Sciences Department Award
The Physical Therapist Assistant Program Award

Department of Business
The Accounting Program Award
The Business Administration Program Award
The Retail Merchandising Program Award
The Office Administration and Technology Award
Department of Communications and Performing Arts
The Communications Award
The Speech Communication Award
The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Award
The Performing Arts Award
The Broadcasting Award
The Communications and Performing Arts Award
Department of English
The English Award
The Journalism and Print Media Program Award

Department of World Languages and Cultures
The Foreign Language Award
Hebrew/Yiddish Scholastic Studies Award
Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Award
The Recreation and Recreation Therapy Award
The Community Health Program Award
The Patricia Hazlewood Spirit of Community Health Award
The Exercise Science/Personal Training Program Award

Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science
The Political Science Award
The History Studies Award
The Philosophy Studies Award
The Bernard Klein Excellence Award

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
The Mathematics Program Award
The Computer Science Program Award
The Computer Information Systems Award


Department of Nursing
The Nursing Scholastic Award
The Surgical Technology Award
Department of Physical Sciences
The Chemistry Award
The Engineering Science Award
The Physics Program Award

Department of Student Development
The New Start Program Award

Department of Tourism and Hospitality
The Tourism and Hospitality Award
The Virtual Enterprise Award
The Maritime Technology Award

Special Awards
The Liberal Arts Award
The Women's Studies Program Award
The David B. Silver Scholarship Award
The Lucille Nieporent Memorial Award
The Cope Award for Academic Excellence
The Charlotte Keller Marmaros Scholarship for Promising Professionals in Gerontology
The Patricia Hazlewood Spirit of Community Health Award
The Student Leadership Service Award
The Honors Program Award
The Science Scholars Award
The Israel and Julia Glasser Scholarship for Political Science
The Leon M. Goldstein Scholarship Award for Academic Excellence and Community Service
The Otis Hill Scholarship Award
The Rachelle Goldsmith College Now Honors Program Scholarship Award
The KCC Alumni Association Scholarship Award
The KCC Retirees Scholarship
Presidential Honors Scholar Certificate
The President's Award for Distinguished Scholarship
The Valedictorian Award
Student Service Awards
Certificate of Recognition
Bronze Awards
Silver Awards
Gold Awards
Special Service Awards
The Library Award
The Childcare Center Memorial Service Award
The Peer Advisor Service Award
The Student Service Award
The Anthony F. Russo Student Leadership Service Award
The Kingsborough Referees Award