Becoming WAC Certified

To get an overview of the entire certification process, you might want to watch our Powerpoint presentation on the WAC homepage first. Then print out the documents that interest you from the links on this page.

The certification process at Kingsborough lasts from January to June and is offered every year.

Winter:  In January/February, we offer a course a workshop series, actually - in teaching using writing. The workshops cover topics such as, Do your course outcomes align with your learning goals for your course? Designing formal writing assignments in stages with feedback and revision. The concrete outcome/product of each workshop is a revised element of your course.

Goal:   A writing intensive course portfolio that makes your teaching/learning practice visible.
Due:   Around February 15th.

Click here for a FAQs document about the certification process in general.

The winter certification course is offered in two formats:

Option A:   An on campus workshop series
Option B:   An online tutorial

Click on the one that interests you most for more information about requirements and expectations.

Spring:  After handing in a provisional course portfolio in mid February, faculty try out their newly constructed syllabus/assignments during the Spring semester. We call this process piloting. Faculty collect student writing samples for all major assignments and consider what is working and what needs tweaking.

June:  When the semester ends, faculty look back at their piloting experience and revise their course portfolio accordingly. They write a new reflective statement outlining their current thinking about the course, adjust the syllabus and assignments, attach sample student work, and submit a final document for consideration. Deadline: June 30th.

Click here for a list of the elements of a Certification Course Portfolio.
Click here for a Timeline for the entire certification process.

Option C:   With permission, faculty who feel they are already teaching their discipline on a writing intensive basis may submit a course portfolio without taking the winter seminar or piloting. Click here for more information about that option.