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Option A


Option A: On Campus Workshop Series

The on campus WAC Seminar offers faculty a community of colleagues who come together twice a week to share ideas about course materials. The medium, a workshop (not a meeting or lecture), is a large part of the message. Central to the pedagogy will be a task-based syllabus, personal reflection on process, and active listening. Ours is a model of knowledge construction that puts language at the center of learning. Of course this is what we advocate as an approach in a writing intensive section, as well.

Each certification candidate will be assigned a Writing Fellow partner who will serve as coach and interlocutor. Fellows will attend some on-campus sessions to get to know you and help in the development of your thinking about course revision. In the Spring, your Fellow will attend class, help your students with their writing assignments, and consult with you on the course.

On Campus Workshop Policies

Attendance: Do not sign up unless you are sure you can attend all the sessions. Note: The Mon/Thur schedule is not compatible with every Winter teaching assignment. Make sure it will work for you.

Participation: There will be homework for each session (at least 2 hours for each workshop). Active participation, using the homework, will be key to the success of the group's learning process and so you need to have the time to complete it each week. For the same reason, you need to be able to arrive on time and stay until the end of each session. Tardiness or an early departure is disruptive to our common work and is very much discouraged.

Completing Seminar Assignments: Each session involves thinking about one aspect of your course and often involves revision of actual course documents. Option A candidates do their reflective writing and posting of draft documents on a specially designed course construction blog (like the ones used by Option B candidates) using Wordpress. This way, the Coordinators, Writing Fellows, and other faculty can become part of the conversation.

Provisional Course Portfolios: Successful completion of the seminar involves completing all the work assigned and submitting a provisional course portfolio by the mid February deadline. The online submission address is:

Do note that this submission address is in no sense an active email address for any of the WAC Team members. Although you will probably receive feedback on your portfolio from this address, if you want to respond or reach WAC Coordinators, use their campus email addresses. is just a dropbox for certification course portfolios.