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WAC at Kingsborough

WAC at Kingsborough

We are proud of the role the KCC WAC Program plays in fostering a culture of writing at Kingsborough. Since its inception in 2000, the program has seen over 100 instructors become certified to teach the writing intensive course sections students need to graduate. In spring of 2011, 118 writing intensive sections were offered and 2,500 students were enrolled in writing intensive classes across every discipline in the college.

Kingsborough's Writing Across the Curriculum Program consists of three parts: a writing intensive course program for student, a faculty certification program for instructors who want to teach those writing intensive sections, and a writing fellows program, in which CUNY graduate students work with both faculty and students.

At KCC, we don t designate all sections of certain courses as writing intensive; instead, we certify faculty as competent to teach writing intensive sections and let them decide which of their courses to offer on a writing intensive basis. Certification training is offered during our Winter module (Jan/Feb) when KCC faculty have the option of completing either an on-campus or an online workshop series (Option A or B).

By raising consciousness about creative ways to integrate reading and writing in instruction, and providing a course cap of 25 students to make that possible, the Writing Intensive Program, with its writing intensive sections, aims to expand the number of courses in which students read and write extensively. As we offer more sections of courses designated writing intensive, we move closer to the goal of a two-course graduation requirement for students.