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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I make changes to my course schedule?
You can change your classes on CUNYfirst. Before making a switch, you are strongly encouraged to connect with your advisor: Pay attention to class modality, class capacity, and choose the class that best fits your schedule.

Q: I am an international student - what do I need to know?
Every student is unique and the Office of International Student Affairs is ready to assist you with any questions you may have and also inform you of supports and resources:  

Q: Is there an Honors Program at KCC? 
A: Yes! We encourage you can enrich your academics at KCC through research, leadership opportunities and support for scholarship and transfer opportunities. To find out more visit:

Q: Questions about Financial Aid
A: Each student's financial aid breakdown varies and you are encouraged to reach out to Financial Aid to make sure you are all set:

Q: How do I get involved in clubs and sports?
KCC proudly offers a variety of student-led clubs, activities, and sports. To find out more about our clubs please connect with our Office of Student Life:
Want to learn more about sports and athletics? Visit:

Q: How do I know which books I need for class? 
You can see what books and related course materials are needed for your class via CUNYfirst. The KCC Bookstore is also open and available to help you get your books early.

Q: Is there support for finding a job?
YES! You can have a conversation to see if you are eligible for an on-campus job via work study (inquire with financial aid) or through the Office of Human Resources. For off-campus jobs and exploring internships, our Office for Career Development and Experiential Learning is an excellent resource:

Q: How do I set up my KCC student email?
You can contact the Student Help Desk Email:
Phone: 1-718-368-6679
We can also help with questions regarding CUNYfirst, Blackboard, InsideKCC and more

Q: How can I check my class schedule?
Once you've registered for your classes with your advisor, you can always go to CUNYfirst on the main page you will se the classes you are taking for Fall. To see the classes you are registered for the Winter module, you have to click "full schedule.". but right there will be your schedule.

We highly recommend that you check your schedule periodically to look out for possible rooms change or times changes. Not quite as often, but it can occur that the classes get canceled (often due to low class enrollment). 

You can also find out what books or course materials are needed for your class form CUNYfirst as well as whether or not your class meets virtually (synchronous: at a specific day and time or asynchronous: not at a specific date or time) or in-person on campus. 

If you have questions about your class schedule you can contact your Academic Advisor:   

Q: How do I pay tuition?
You can view different tuition payment options here:

If you have more questions, please call the Bursar's Office: (718) 368-5416 or email

Q: How can I apply for Financial Aid?
Financial Aid Applications (Free applications)

  1. 21-22 FAFSA
  2. 21-22 TAP Application

When you complete the 21-22 FAFSA you can also complete the 21-22 TAP application at the end of the FAFSA application. This will help complete the application at the same time. Both applications are based on 2019 Income Tax Returns.

You can also login to our Zoom Virtual Office: Financial Aid Office and Zoom details:  

Q: How do I submit my official transcripts?
Whether your transcript or diploma is from the United  States or a  foreign   country , you can find out how to submit your documents here:  

Q: How can I get  accommodations  in my classroom or on campus?
For anyone that identifies as an individual with a disability that may need campus/testing accommodations, please contact Access-Ability Services directly. You can email or call 718/368-5175.

Other questions? Contact the Office of Student Affairs: