In response to the COVID-19 threat, the International Student Affairs staff are working remotely and only available via email and phone. Please contact us at or 718-368-6800. Thank you for your understanding.

KCC Celebrates Diversity. 73 Languages & 142 National Backgrounds.

International Student Affairs

The International Student Affairs office aims to support international students in becoming active participants in classes, and extracurricular activities. From the point of acceptance, to the completion of studies, International Student Affairs provides support services, comprehensive advising services, as well as cultural, social and co-curricular programming.

In conjunction with other departments, faculty, staff, and students themselves, the office of International Student Affairs seeks to encourage diversity and promote respect for cultures from all over the world.


The ISA Virtual Office will officially open September 8, 2020

Monday - Thursday
10:00am - 4:00pm

Use this link to schedule a Zoom appointment with us:

Please be advised that the ISA Virtual Office will be closed on the following days:
Monday, October 12 (College Closed)
Thursday, November 26 (College Closed)
Thursday, December 24 (College Closed)
Thursday, December 31 (College Closed)