Tuition Payment Plan-NELNET

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EXTENDED Enrollment will begin on Monday, September 23 2019. The enrollment deadlines are below.



Number of Payments
(includes down payment)
Last day to Enroll
(5th of the month)
4 October 17
3 November 18
2 December 18




Enrollment fee per semester:

  • There is a $75 enrollment fee for a credit/debit card payment plan
  • There is a $40 enrollment fee for an eCheck payment plan

Future payment plans will now include any prior balances as part of the payment plan total:

  • When completing the Payment Plan Budget Worksheet please include any prior balances so they can be incorporated into your initial payment plan total. 
  • If you do not include your prior balance in the initial payment plan total, your payment plan balance will be recalculated (after the enrollment closing date) to include any prior balances.  
  • Prior balances will be divided among your remaining installments.
  • Please keep in mind, if your financial aid award has been removed for a prior semester, this balance will be included in your payment plan.
  • Any payment plan payments will be applied to the earliest balance first.
  • For example, if you are enrolled in a fall 2016 payment plan and also have an outstanding spring 2016 balance, any payment plan payments will first be applied to your spring 2016 balance until it is fully covered, subsequent payments will then be applied to your fall 2016 balance.
  • If you have a past due balance (that has not been transferred to a collections agency) you may enroll in a fall 2016 payment plan, even if you are not enrolled
  • .
  • Please note:  In this case, your full balance must be paid before any holds can be removed.
  • You WILL NOT be eligible for a payment plan for your prior balance if:
  • your balance has been transferred to a collections agency (you must submit payment to the appropriate collections agency).
  • you have been dismissed from the college (you may submit a one-time eCheck payment on your CUNYfirst account).
  • you have successfully filed for graduation prior to fall 2016.

Please Note: Credit/Debit card payments can only be processed through the Nelnet Payment Plan.

 Learn how to enroll in a Nelnet Payment Plan, please click this link: