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Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee is concerned with the formulation, development, modification, and evaluation of curricula, as follows:

The committee considers proposals for new degrees, certificates, and courses (including experimental or special topic 82 courses) and proposals for the modification of existing degrees, certificates and courses with regard to such factors as their relation to the college's mission and existing curriculum, as well as their hours, credits, content, learning outcomes, evaluation criteria, and expected articulation.

The committee may receive proposals from any member of the instructional staff. Such proposals (in approved, standard format) shall be submitted through and approved by appropriate department committees and chairpersons (and/or other such approval required by the department).

Proposals and transmittals are forwarded to the Provost for review, and then referred to the Curriculum Committee’s chairperson for purposes of recommendation and evaluation, as well as preparation for review and approval by the committee as a whole. After consultation with appropriate departments, proposals may also be forwarded to the Provost from the Program Director of Liberal Arts or the Chairs of duly appointed college task forces (e.g., General Education).

The committee establishes a curriculum proposal submission calendar for each semester in consultation with the Provost or designee, who is responsible for distributing the calendar to department chairpersons.

Once a proposal is discussed and approved, the committee reports its recommendation to the College Council for review and approval. Minor changes – such as course numbering, modifications of course names – are reported to the College Council as informational items.

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