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Message to the Campus


Happy Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Jewish American Heritage Month

From: President Claudia Schrader
Monday,  May 1, 2023

Dear College Community,

Today is Decision Day-- a day where college students confirm their enrollment for the coming Fall semester.  Thank you to the KCC Transfer Office, Enrollment Management Team and all those who made our Decision Day Celebration possible.  I met some of our incredible students (soon to be graduates) who are on their way to City Tech, Hunter and NYU to continue their studies.  I also met a few who were still in the process of making a final decision; but one thing is clear, they have transfer on their minds! Now we just need to ensure they have transfer applications in!

On May 1st, we also kick off Asian Pacific American Islander Heritage Month and Jewish American Heritage Month.  Both are month-long celebrations that shine the spotlight on the accomplishments and contributions to American history and culture by Asian Pacific American Islanders and Jewish Americans.  This month also presents an opportune time to educate the public about critical issues facing both communities.   One such issue that we are all aware of is the increase in hate crimes and violence against both Jews and Asian American Pacific Islanders.   The difference starts with us and no time is better than a day called Decision Day for us to recommit to practicing the values of respect and inclusion, to make more of a concerted effort to learn about these cultures, and to get to know the members of our college faculty, staff and student body that make up the diverse fabric of our college community.

There are 31 days in the month of May, but our celebration of diversity and what we each bring to this sacred space called Kingsborough Community College is one that deserves a celebration every day.

Happy Jewish American Heritage Month and Happy Asian Pacific American Islander Heritage Month!

Claudia V. Schrader, Ed.D.